Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution Studies Commission evaluates alternative ways for solving litigation in Intellectual Property, amongst them the self-help, and out-of-court methods. The Commission studies usual ways for settlement of interest disputes such as, waiver, submission, transaction or collaborative settlement.

Voluntary ways of litigation composition, such as mediation and settlement are also addressed, which, in both cases, the litigants search for an impartial third part support aiming the dispute settlement.
The solution of the dispute by a third party – court or arbitrator – in Intellectual Property may assume, basically, two forms: arbitration or jurisdiction. Contemporarily, the doctrine has been indicating the conciliation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative resolution as adequate methods of dispute settlement, whereas it’s the interest conflict nature which will indicate the most adequate method to its resolution.

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Comission Coordinators

Co-Coordinator – Rio de Janeiro
Trench, Rossi e Watanabe Advogados
[email protected]

Co-Coordinator – São Paulo
Veirano & Advogados Associados
[email protected]