The Patent Commission gathers periodically to discuss legal issues concerning the Industrial Property Law (Law 9.279/96), which governs matters, and also to follow international treaties and governing procedures to exams guidelines and INPI resolutions. The Commission also entails studies, positioning and draws proposals to legislation enhancement through public hearings and debates within the regulatory agency.

The commission members take part in national and international Intellectual Property events and, alongside other ABPI Commissions, organize the pre-event which precedes the ABPI International Congress, elaborating round-table discussions that gather specialists in various fields to debate patents.

Comission Coordinators

Priscila Mayumi Kashiwabara


Kasznar Leonardos Propriedade Intelectual

Gabriela Neves Salerno


Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello

Bernardo Marinho Fontes Alexandre

Adjunct Coordinator

Dannemann, Siemsen, Bigler & Ipanema Moreira