Competition Law

The Committee on Competition Studies is dedicated to the debate, study and the production of documents related to the unfair competition and the competitions’ defense, also known as antitrust law. Part of the scope is the repression of unfair acts, such as the violation of trade dress of products and services, the publication of information to harm competitors, breach of trade secrets and lawsuits secrecy, as well as the use of trademarks as keywords in search engine tools. The Commission also discusses and positions decisions and processes in the CADE and in the judiciary, law projects, public consultations, parliamentary debates, among others. Thus, it promotes discussions about the abuse of Intellectual Property Rights, Sham Litigation, cooperation between CADE and PTO and the treatment of Intellectual Property related to concentration acts. The Commission also assists ABPI in collaborating with international entities, specially the Ligue Internationale du droit de la Concurrence (LIDC.)

Comission Coordinators

Lucas Antoniazzi



José Mauro Decoussau Machado


Pinheiro Neto Advogados