Plant Varieties & Biotechnology

The ABPI Biotechnology Commission follows the issues related to the protection of inventions pertinent to the biotechnology division under the Law 9.279/96 (Industrial Property Law – LPI), as well as the Bills on the topic that take part in the Chamber of Deputies. In addition, the Commission conveys on topics related to the Biosecurity Act, the Biodiversity Act, and when necessary, the Cultivars Protection Act.

The Plant Varieties Committee is dedicated to study the issues related to the protection of plant varieties in Brazil. It fosters reflection and discussion emphasizing the importance of this kind of intellectual protection in the field.
The Commission’s work is to create a favorable environment to innovation in agriculture, encouraging research and development of new cultivars, through the advancement of the Plant Varieties Protection Law (Law 9.456/97). They seek to attract more national and foreign investments in the sector.

Coordinators of comissions

Roberto Ribeiro


Daniel Advogados

Maria Isabel Coelho de Castro Bingemer


Dannemann, Siemsen, Bigler & Ipanema Moreira

Marisa Moura Momoli

Adjunct Coordinator

Kasznar Leonardo Propriedade Intelectual