ABPI regularly promotes roundtables, breakfasts, luncheon-lectures and other events and debates with renowned national and foreign specialists, magistrates, representatives of the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI and other governmental bodies. These events usually address current and controversial topics in the legal and business fields.

The main one is the 39th International Congress of Intellectual Property (2019) – ABPI, it will be held between August 25th and 27th, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The most expressive national and foreign personalities, among executives, magistrates, parliamentarians and government officials will be presented to discuss about the main theme of the event: “Intellectual Property within the Context the New Geopolitical World”.

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Events that ABPI has already held this year:

December, 12

Fellowship and possessions of new boards for 2020-2021 biennium

December, 02

Round Table – Predictability and Legal Security of Intellectual Property in Brazil

December, 03

Breakfast – Advances and perspective in the processing of patent applications

November, 29

Breakfast – National Data Protection Authority, Challenge and Objectives

São Paulo - November, 6
Rio de Janeiro - November, 8

The International Patent System: PCT, EPCT

October, 18

Round Table – Madrid Protocol, First Impressions and New Directions

October, 8
Roundtable – Owner Responsibility Policies
August, 26

Webinar – “Protocol of Madrid, Practical Aspects and Procedures of INPI

August, 27

Lunch Lecture – “Public Policies and Free Competition”

March, 26
Breakfast with INPI President Claudio Furtado

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