Geographical Indications

The purpose of the Geographical Indications Committee is the permanent study of Geographical Indications, including indications of provenance and designations of origin, which consists on the geographical name of country, city, region or locality. These Geographical Indications are known for its extraction, production or manufacture of a particular product or service and for its quality, including both natural and human factors.

The Commission contributes to the dissemination and enhancement of the protection system of these important distinctive signs. They stablish this through discussion, debate and analysis of the current legal and regulatory framework, as well as drafted laws. To be able to achieve these goals, the Commission holds debates, events, issue technical opinions, respond to public consultations, prepare opinions, resolutions and projects.

Comission Coordinators

Andréa Possinhas



Luiz Ricardo Marinello


Marinello Sociedade de Advogados

Mariana Schwab Guerra Corrêa

Adjunct Coordinator

Ouro Preto Advogados