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On September 2, ABPI promoted the webinar “The Innovation System of Paraná”, inaugurating the series “Events of Representations” – virtual meetings held by the sectional representations of ABPI, now present in eight Brazilian states, with the purpose of promoting the discussion of Intellectual Property in the country. The speakers at the event were the superintendent of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the State of Paraná, Aldo Nelson Bona, and the executive secretary of the State System of Technological Parks (Separtec), José Maurino de Oliveira Martins , with mediation by Cláudia Crisostimo, member of the IP Commission of the OAB of Paraná. The virtual table was integrated by Maria Inez Araújo de Abreu, sectional representative of ABPI in Paraná, and ABPI’s advisor and born member, Juliana Viegas.

In his lecture Nelson Bona emphasized that Paraná has a robust system of Science & Technology (S&T) linked, which transcends higher education. “It is the second state of the Federation that most invests in S&T and, according to research carried out by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the second that most invests in innovation”, he said. He informed that the government of Paraná is issuing a public notice to select patents with the greatest market potential within the scope of the state system of Science and Technology, today integrated by 18 technological park initiatives, eight of which are already in operation, and 15 universities, among public ones and private. The selected patents can count on the support of the state to qualify their authors, set up companies and receive financial support for the initial steps. “We have a large asset of patents granted and deposited in universities that, from a financial point of view, is difficult to maintain when it does not become a business,” he explained. “Our goal is to transfer this technology to society in a way that generates wealth and social well-being”.

Oliveira Martins detailed in his presentation how the state planned the creation of its Technology Parks complex, which aims to bring together universities, research centers and companies and stimulate the development of research in the productive sector. He detailed the governance system of Separtec, which is supported by the State Council for Technological Parks, a body chaired by the State Governor and composed of 45 representative entities, including government, universities, the business productive sector, research and development institutes. “A wall separated the university from the business sector and the technological park is the potential instrument that can provide the approach”, he said. “We are bridge builders,” he compared.

You can watch the full event on the ABPI Channel at Youtube.