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The Finance and Taxation Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved today, the 23rd, the opinion of the rapporteur Luis Miranda (DEM-DF) regarding the Complementary Bill 143/2019, by deputy Marcos Pereira (PRB-SP), which amends the Law Complement No. 101, of May 4, 2000, to prohibit the limitation of commitment and financial movement of expenses related to the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

The approved opinion is for the non-implication of the matter in an increase or decrease in public revenue or expenditure, and there is no need to pronounce on the financial and budgetary adequacy.

In the substitute presented, § 2 of art. 9 of Complementary Law No. 101, of May 4, 2000, becomes effective with the following wording: The expenses that constitute the entity’s constitutional and legal obligations, including those for the payment of debt service, shall not be subject to limitation. to innovation and scientific and technological development funded by a fund created for this purpose, those relating to the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and those subject to the law on budget guidelines.

The project is being considered by the Committee on Constitution and Justice and Citizenship (CCJC) of the Chamber of Deputies.

Read the opinion of Congressman Luis Miranda