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Under the theme “PI and Young People: Innovating for a Better World”, ABPI, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization, in Portuguese translation), INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), and GIPI (Interministerial Property Intellectual), from the Ministry of Economy, opened, last Tuesday, 26, the series of events commemorating the World Intellectual Property Day. Two young entrepreneurs participated in the first day of debates, Sara Raimundo, co-founder of the startup Unicainstancia, and Alan Lopes de Barros, product manager at Lumx Studios, with the mediation of Professor Kone Cesário, from the National Faculty of Law at UFRJ.

When opening the proceedings, ABPI President Gabriel Leonardos drew attention to the challenging moment, which, according to him, requires the mobilization of all who are concerned with the IP system and with the drop in the number of patents applied for in Brazil. . “We need to come together to recognize the importance of IP. Studies commissioned by the ABPI show that IP-intensive companies are also the ones that add the most value, pay the best wages and create the most wealth,” he noted.

Jackeline de Sousa Conca, vice president of GIPI, Tânia Ribeiro, executive director of INPI, David Kellis, of the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), Kenji Kainuma, of the Japan Patent Office, and Isabella Pimentel, of WIPO The event also featured a special message from Daren Tang, General Manager of WIPO.

In her exhibition, Sara presented the solution developed within UFRJ by Unicainstancia, a startup that supports consumers in guaranteeing their rights. We managed to create a system that helps consumers to negotiate with companies, bringing benefits to everyone”, he explained. We all know how long a court case can take.” She recalled that the company was born in the middle of the pandemic, and already has investments and awards.

Alan, in turn, showed that Lumx, a company that introduces brands into the metaverse, also develops experiences aimed at NFTs and web 3.0. Lumx recently launched its own collection of NFTs, 55Unity, with the creation of over 3,000 tokens. “I come from the area of ​​Law and Intellectual Property, which was a great school for me”.

In his speech, Kone Cesário asked the audience to unite for the mandatory inclusion of the Intellectual Property discipline in law courses. “We have here two representatives from a range of brilliant students who are also intellectual property creators,” he said.

You can watch the full event on the ABPI YouTube channel.