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Video makes users aware of innovation, patents and the values ​​involved in offering products

ABPI, together with ABAPI, has just released a video with the aim of making people aware of the innovation contained in various products and services and how this innovation brings more value to the market, especially when protected by intellectual property through patents.

The video causes users to reflect on the benefits of the patent system and how it encourages and creates a safe environment for innovation.

The national market has evolved in several areas thanks to continuous investments by companies. And the industry needs to keep innovating to bring solutions that guarantee increasing gains for Brazil, even greater autonomy in the domestic market and international competitiveness. “It is the innovations that bring the continuous evolution in productivity results that benefit millions of people all over the planet”, emphasizes the video.

And the ABPI remains firm in its objective of being an active voice and guardian of Intellectual Property.
Share the video we created to help build an innovative and protected industry.