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With more than 340 integrated companies, operating in the production of software and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), 13 thousand employees and revenues of R$ 2.6 billion in 2020, the Porto Digital technology park, located in the central area of ​​Recife , is a living ecosystem of innovation. The data are included in the webinar, yesterday, 10, on “Protection of Innovation through Intellectual Property”. The event was organized by the Sectional Representative of ABPI (Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property) in Pernambuco, Gustavo Escobar, and had lectures by Gabriel Leonardos, from ABPI; Pierre Lucena, from Porto Digital; Eduardo Bemfica, from INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property); and Vitor Palmela Fidalgo, from the WIPO (World International Property Organization).

At the event, the vice president of ABPI, Gabriel Leonardos gave a brief explanation about the intellectual property system, highlighting patents and copyright, with an emphasis on Brazilian biodiversity and the so-called creative industry. “The entire creative economy depends on copyright protection,” he said. At the end of his presentation, he defended Brazil’s independence in the production of vaccines and warned of the inadequacy of compulsory licensing as a panacea to solve public health problems. “Patent rights contain in themselves the legitimate instrument that balances the system, which is now being considered, due to the pandemic, to resolve with the provision of compulsory licensing”.

In her lecture, Lucena highlighted that, thanks to the innovation ecosystem adopted, which includes open innovation, Porto Digital grew by 50% in the last two years, with an emphasis on intellectual property with established companies. According to him, the strength of this growth is in the partnerships and in the integrated action between the companies. “Of the ten largest companies allocated to the pole, seven are from Pernambuco,” he added.

Despite the strength of its technological pole and incentive to intellectual property, Pernambuco still holds the eighth position in the national ranking of patents, with 216 deposits, and ninth place in trademarks, with 6,373 registrations, which guarantees it the modest 11th position in assets of PI, according to data presented by the head of the INPI’s Northeast Regional Diffusion office, Eduardo Bemfica. For him, this performance is due to an old image of a bureaucratic INPI, which, he emphasized, no longer exists. “Today a software certificate comes out in a week”, he explained.

Palmela Fidalgo ended the webinar discussing the international protection system for intellectual property assets and said: “The basic rule is, first protect, then internationalize”. He highlighted the legal mechanisms for registering patents, such as the PCT (Cooperation Treaty for Patent Matters), and trademarks, such as the Madrid System, and also listed the international treaties for the protection of copyright, such as the Convention of Bern and the TRIPS Agreements.

The ABPI’s webinar had the support of the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association), Porto Digital, Sebrae and Fecomércio, and the participation of Ticiano Gadelha and Gisela Peres, from the OAB of Pernambuco.

Click to view the full webinar on ABPI’s YouTube channel.