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Racial Equity is good business

The Diversity and Inclusion agenda is not philanthropy, but an asset, a business agenda for companies, pointed out Mariana Peixoto and Carlos Domingues, from Mover – Movement for Racial Equity, in a webinar held on April 5th.

The event “Mover Movement and the work of corporate racial inclusion”, promoted by ABPI, had the participation of Monique Bastos, coordinator of ABPI’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and moderation by Renata Shaw, advisor director of the entity.

Founder of Mover, Mariana explained that the NGO is committed to training in Brazil, by 2030, 3 million black people and raising, among them, at least 10,000 to leadership positions. Another goal is to promote actions and content to encourage the debate on racial equity. “It is impossible to talk about innovation without diversity, without diverse teams, without this agenda being part of the corporate culture in all business areas”, says Mariana. “Different teams contributing different ideas have a lot to do with the company’s sustainability. Racial equity is a good guideline for business, good for society and adds value to the brand”.

To break structural and institutional racism, which promotes exclusion, added Domingues, affirmative action is fundamental. “We need to help companies reverse the logic that established their processes,” said Mover’s director. For him, diversity should be a business priority, permeate all areas of the company and have quantitative goals, as established, for example, in the sales area. “The consumer looks for brands that position themselves. When the company hires a black person, it is impacting multiple possibilities”.

To see the full webinar, visit the ABPI Channel on Youtube