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The fight against illegal content on the internet depends on the joint effort of authorities, companies and users, concluded today, 22, the speakers of the webinar “Online piracy in Brazil – successes and challenges”, Daniel Steinmetz, principal counsel of The Walt Disney Company for Global Content Protection in Latin America; Alessandro Barreto, coordinator of the Cyber ​​Operations laboratory (CGCCO / DIOPI / CEOPI / Ministry of Justice and Public Security); and Guilherme Farid Mischi Boul Chebl, head of the Procon-SP office. The event, organized by the Copyright and Personality Studies and Repression of Infractions Commissions of ABPI – Brazilian Intellectual Property Association, also had the support of the OAB Copyright Commission (CEDAUT) and the participation of coordinators Ygor Valério, Ana Erika Marques Ramos, Paula Mena Barreto, Pedro Frankovsky Barroso and Igor Donato de Araújo.

For Farid, punishment of counterfeiters alone is not enough to control the flow of illegal content on the Internet. Awareness is also essential. The Procon Foundation of São Paulo already has a group of studies to guide consumers and companies on the best consumer practices on the internet, which will result in the creation of the “Empresa Amiga do Consumidor” seal. On another front, since 2011, PROCON publishes and updates the list of unreliable sites that, when accessed on the institution’s website, guides the consumer in the online purchase of products. “But, the resolution of any type of problem related to the consumer, if there is no commitment from the top management of the company will not be effective,” said Farid.

Barreto cited, as an experience applicable to piracy, the 404 operation, coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, to remove content on the Internet related to pirated content. “Thanks to a partnership between the judicial police and the private sector, it was possible. In one day, we took down 210 sites and 100 applications with illegal content ”, he exemplified. “The work was spectacular, but the fight has to be constant, because we will never end the piracy on the internet, but, yes, mitigate its effects”.

Steinmetz praised the Brazilian experience in combating piracy. “Ancine and Anatel have been a beacon that illuminates the paths that we must follow,” he said. He explained that the control of piracy of products, brands and services within the scope of The Walt Disney Company is carried out in partnership with private organizations, such as the Motion Picture Association and ESPN.