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New SACI-Adm regulation

On August 1st of this year, published a new SACI-Adm Regulation with the aim of adapting it to the LGPD. The changes take effect tomorrow, 10/01, and will apply to procedures initiated after that date.
The amendments to the new regulation require, among others, a greater concern for the protection of personal data and recommends to accredited institutions and specialists that the processing of personal data is carried out to the extent necessary for the opening, processing, judgment and publication of decisions. Personal data related to the SACI-Adm procedure must be treated as confidential information by institutions and experts, even after the procedure has ended.
With these changes, the CSD-ABPI Domain Names Chamber (CASD-ND) has adapted its Regulations and Regulations, which will be applied to procedures initiated as of 10/01.
You can access the new materials on the CSD website:

New SACI-Adm regulation
New CASD-ND regulation