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INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) has just published its “INPI Action Plan 2021”, with a list of measures included in its annual planning and connected to its strategic-institutional objectives. The Plan has five lines of action: optimizing time, quality and legal certainty when granting or promoting Intellectual Property rights registrations; encourage the creation of economic assets derived from knowledge and inventiveness in monetizable IP; integrate Brazil as a winning country in the international IP system; achieve excellence in business management; and promoting development, professional growth, well-being and the pursuit of excellence by INPI professionals.

The measures foreseen in the Action Plan integrate the INPI’s performance in the National Intellectual Property Strategy, prioritizing “the increase in the participation of residents in the creation and protection of IP assets”. Performance targets for 2021 include, among others, growing at rates equal to or greater than 15% in all IP assets; 80% reduction in the patent backlog; priority examination of patent applications within 12 months; an 11.4% increase in service revenue and a 22.4% increase in results of operations compared to 2020.

The Plan also provides for new digital solutions for users. The “INPI – IP Office for the 21st Century” program, in partnership with the Prospect Fund / UK, aims to accelerate the institutional transformation of the municipality “guided by the best international IP practices” and includes the Institute’s adherence to two new international agreements , the Hague Agreement and the Budapest Treaty.

Check out the executive version of the INPI Action Plan in the pdf below.

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