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Innovation, focus on associates and protection of the intellectual property system summarize the work that has been developed by ABPI – Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property in these pandemic times, pointed out the entity’s executive director, Erika Diniz, in a statement yesterday, 24 , for the “Live with specialists” webserie, promoted by the Intellectual Property Commission of OAB São Paulo. “ABPI is living its normal, which for us will be normal from now on, always focusing on the community and the IP system”, said the director of ABPI.

In an interview conducted by lawyer Guilherme Gravatin, member of the Intellectual Property Commission of OAB Jabaquara / Saúde, on “The reflexes of the pandemic in associations: the experience of ABPI”, Erika Diniz explained how the entity adjusted its strategic plan to the new pandemic reality. The work, she said, was essentially focused on accelerating the digitalization of services, some of which started in 2019, such as the ABPI podcast and videoconferences connected with the entity’s branch in São Paulo. “The pandemic was a challenging milestone for any manager, as we had to deal with the lock dow overnight,” he said.

In response to the pandemic, starting in February, explained Erika Diniz, ABPI’s portfolio of virtual services increased, including 44 webinars with specialists in various topics, the creation of the Continuing Education Center (CEDUC) and the launch of the application, through which the member accesses the entity’s library, with all digitized services. The highlight is the Revista da ABPI, which has consultation facilitated by author, keyword, article, date of publication, among others. The swift response to new demands and the added services resulted, in the last few months, in the entry of 50 new members to the entity.

Other actions are on the entity’s agenda, such as the completion of the digitization process, scheduled for the end of this year, the creation of a Diversity Committee and a plan for “tasting” the services to encourage the entry of new members. But the big challenge, according to the director of ABPI, will be the holding of the 40th ABPI International Intellectual Property Congress, which will take place between the 19th and 22nd of October, and which will be entirely virtual, including four plenary sessions, eight panels and 16 tables topics.

You can see the full interview in the Profile of the Intellectual Property Commission of OAB Jabaquara / Saúde on Instagram: