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The union of forces between university research centers, governmental innovation agencies and innovative companies in the state raised Paraíba to the seventh place in the ranking of the Brazilian states that most filed patents in 2019, said, on Friday, June 26, the technical director of Fundação Parque Tecnológico da Paraíba, Nadja Maria da Silva Oliveira.

She spoke on the subject during the fifth edition of IP Meetings, a virtual event held by ABPI and OMPI – World Intellectual Property Organization, which also included the participation of Cláudio Cocorocchia, Senior Business Manager in the Global Infrastructure sector at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization, and the mediation of Judge Márcia Maria Nunes de Barros, from TRF2.

The virtual round table “WIPO PROOF: new horizons in safeguarding intellectual assets” had, at the opening, the president of ABPI, Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, and, representing the regional director of the entity in Brazil, José Graça Aranha, the advisor of WIPO, Isabella Pimentel.

The innovation and intellectual property environment in Paraíba, explained Nadja, has the role of a “triple helix”, to which the state institutions, the academy and the market joined in the intellectual production and new knowledge, including in this innovative framework the Park Technology of Paraíba. Created in 1984 and located in Campina Grande, it is among the first four of its kind in the country. This environment made two of the public universities in Paraíba boast, in 2018, the first and second place in the ranking of patents deposited at INPI – Instituto Nacional Industrial Property. “We have a strong innovation streak due to this university issue”, said the director of Fundação Parque Tecnológico da Paraíba.

In his presentation, the Senior Business Manager of the Global Infrastructure sector at WIPO, Cláudio Cocorocchia, explained the workings of WIPO PROOF, the new online tool developed by WIPO that allows safeguarding creations that are not yet subject to intellectual protection. “WIPO PROOF is a digital data stamp and provides proof of the existence and possession of an original digital data file at a specific time”, defined the senior manager of WIPO. Presented for the first time in Brazil, the service is based on a technology called “Public Key Infrastructure” or PKY. “It is a signed electronic certification process, a kind of digital registry,” said Cocorocchia.

You can watch this complete event on the ABPI channel on Youtube. There you will find the event with audio in Portuguese or English, or the version with simultaneous translation into Portuguese.