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Companies that survive the pandemic will have a positive evaluation in 2021, so the most important thing now is to survive, recommended economist Douglas Carvalho Júnior, of Target Advisor, specialized in corporate finance, yesterday. Douglas Carvalho participated, alongside Rodrigo Caseli, from the Avenida Group, and Raphael Sahyoun, from the brand Twenty for Seven, from the 6th Law & Fashion Webtalk, in a debate on “Fashion Conglomerates: Strategic and Legal Aspects”. The event, promoted by ABPI, in partnership with the Fashion Law Commission (CDMD) of OAB-RJ, was moderated by Deborah Portilho and Renata Lisboa, respectively president and first vice president of CDMD. “The entrepreneur does not have to think about selling, whether he will leave or not, he has to survive, living is for later. It’s time to fix your organization, ”said Douglas Carvalho.

That’s exactly what Twenty for Seven is doing. “We have plans in the future to increase the number of franchises and licensees, but now we are reorganizing the company to be able to go through what is happening and envision a structured future”, explained Raphael Sahyon. In 2011, he sold Bobstore, a women’s fashion brand, to the Inbrands group and, six years later, launched Twenty Four Seven, which already has 28 stores spread across the country. “What you are getting to know is new for everyone, only with the reopening of malls and stores we will be able to see a little further ahead, ”said the businessman.

Grupo Avenida is a point outside the curve in the pandemic. With 127 stores located in 14 Brazilian states least affected by the coronavirus, the group already has 103 units operating and, according to Caseli, of the 40 stores in shopping malls, at least a dozen are growing compared to 2019. In Cuiabá, where the headquarters is located company, sanitary measures to restrict trade are still rigid and, therefore, stores are still closed. “When the stores in Cuiabá reopen, we will have 100% of our operation working,” said the businessman. “We believe that the month of August has a normal life in terms of sales”. A traditional company in the north-central part of the country in the retail and fashion industry for the C and D classes, Grupo Avenida received, in 2014, a contribution from the Kinea Investment Fund, an investor linked to the Itaú Group.