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The winning groups in the “Computing” and “General” items of Hackovid19 are already looking for information to guarantee their inventions the Intellectual Property rights, provided by the organization of the event. The interest was shown by Gabriel Teixeira and Camila Perico, representatives of the winning teams, during the debate, yesterday, 23, on “Intellectual Property and Hackathons – Computer Program Registration”, which also counted on the Head of the Division for Registration of Computer and Tomography Program of Integrated Circuits of INPI – National Institute of Intellectual Property, Helmar Alvares.

The webinar, moderated by Patrícia Coimbra, from NIT-Rio (Center for Technological Innovation), was part of the IP Meetings, a series of virtual events on IP organized by ABPI and WIPO, this time with the support of CBPF (Centro Brasileiro) of Clinical Research), the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing and Fiocruz (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz). ABPI’s treasury director, Tatiana Campello, the WIPO representative, Isabella Pimentel, and the CBPF director, Ronald Cintra Shellard, participated in the virtual opening table.

The challenge imposed on competitors in the General category of Covid19 – an event held last May to encourage technological solutions to combat covid-19 – was to use Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Clinical Decision Making. In response, the Trekkers team, represented by Camila, developed software that, using x-ray equipment, identifies potential infected with Covid-19 and other diseases. The Coviseg team, in the Computing category, represented by Gabriel, used deep learning to segment tomography images and generate a network capable of visualizing the regions damaged in the lung by the virus and other diseases. Both software, the inventors emphasized, are being improved and should be used only to support the health professional in identifying the coronavirus and not as the only resource for the final diagnosis.

In his lecture, Alvares, showed two options for intellectual protection of the software. In copyright, simpler, he explained, protection falls on the source code of the software and the technology is confidential. In the method / process system, the protection is patented and the technology, after a period, is disclosed.

To view the full webinar, access the ABPI Channel on Youtube.