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Preparations for the CSD-ABPI Moot continue. At this stage, we present the success story that will be discussed during the event.

The fictitious case is a Request for Arbitration Proceedings of copyright on a skin, developed in the form of an NFT, for use in avatars on a gaming platform. NFT is the acronym for non-fungible token, or non-fungible token, an asset created from blockchain technology that serves as an item’s digital certificate of authenticity. The NFT assures its holder the possession of an exclusive good and certified as original.

The theme is very current and was chosen by the organizing committee because it involves copyright and technology. “Copyright cases within the technology world have been growing in recent years. But with the revolution in the digital environment, especially with the new technologies involving NFTs, we anticipate an increase in this demand and we consider it extremely important that everyone is prepared, including those who works with arbitration procedures”, says Manoel J. Pereira dos Santos, president of the CSD-ABPI.

The case is now available on the CSD-ABPI Moot website and can be accessed by participating teams for study. Link:

The deadline for team registration has also been extended to the 20th of May. There’s still time! Assemble your team and join the competition!