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The Directorate of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (DIRMA) informed that, starting on September 15th, co-ownership will become an option in trademark applications, through code 389 (Trademark registration request with specification pre-approved) – value per class; and code 394 (Trademark registration request with free-to-fill specification) – value per class.

DIRMA also informed that, by means of service code 349 (Note of transfer of titleholder), an order or registration with a single holder can be transformed into an order or registration with more than one holder, also allowing any future transfers involving co-ownership.

The public consultation on the topic, carried out between May and June 2019, is available on the INPI website, including responses to users’ considerations, indicating those accepted and clarifying those that could not be accepted.

Summary table – DIRMA has prepared a summary table of co-ownership and recommends reading the Trademark Manual and INPI / PR Resolution No. 245/2019 to detail each of the eight points mentioned here and the other issues related to co-ownership in brands. .