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ABPI president defends in STJ seminar rescue of the innovation industry

Photo: Gustavo Lima / STJ

In a seminar on industrial property at the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), on the 20th, which had the support of the ABPI, President Gabriel Leonardos warned about the growing process of Brazilian deindustrialization and defended that the government, “whatever the elected on the 30th”, take measures to rescue industrial innovation in the country. “Only the industry is capable of generating social mobility and innovation at the level that a continental country like ours needs”, he said, at the opening panel presided over by the Finance Attorney Rita Dias Nolasco and integrated by Minister Ricardo Villas Bôas Cueva, by the president of the IBDP (Brazilian Institute of Procedural Law) Cassio Scarpinella Bueno and by the federal prosecutor Marcos da Silva Couto.

The president of ABPI also pointed out that the Association participates in the Technical Meetings of the Ministry of Economy to review the current IP legislation. The Meetings, he observed, take into account the jurisprudence of the STJ, an institution “which has played an essential and indispensable role in pacifying and guiding the operators of the IP law”.

Current topics and high level of participants

The topicality and relevance of the topics discussed, as well as the high level of the participants, set the tone for the Industrial Property Seminar of the STJ, considered lawyer Marcelo Mazzola, one of the coordinators of the Civil Procedure & ADR Commission of the ABPI. “This initiative, which brings together the Judiciary, the INPI, members of civil society, offices and companies, is extremely healthy from several angles, since it is possible to understand the sensitive points of each party in order to seek solutions”, said Mazzola, scientific coordinator of the event alongside minister Ricardo Villas Bôas Cueva, Cassio Scarpinella Bueno and lawyer Osmar Paixão Côrtes.

Promoted by the STJ in partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Procedural Law (IBDP), with the support of ABPI and the National School for the Training and Improvement of Magistrates (Enfam), the seminar “Industrial Property in the STJ”, held in a hybrid format (virtual and face-to-face), had more than 3,500 views. The event, conceived to “contribute to a reflection on the industrial property system suitable for the interests of holders of exclusive rights, trademarks and patents”, according to Mazzola, fully achieved its objectives. “The symbiosis between substantive law and procedural law is fundamental for intellectual property disputes and the new theses presented, the jurisprudential understandings contributed a lot to this”, he said.

Watch the seminar video on the STJ YouTube channel