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To celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property – ABPI, the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO and the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI will promote, on the 27th of this month, the webinar “Green Innovations in Brazil” .

The event will feature lectures by Felipe Cardoso (C.E.O. and founder of ECO PANPLAS), and Thiago Coelho Mariano (New Steel Business Support and Management). The opening table includes the president of ABPI, Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, the Regional Director of WIPO, José Graça Aranha, and the president of INPI, Cláudio Vilar Furtado.

Officially celebrated on April 26, this year the World Intellectual Property Day will have the theme “Innovate for a Green Future”. The campaign honors the inventors and their inventions who, using the intellectual property system, helped to find clean and sustainable solutions for improving the quality of life on the planet. Registration is free for members and non-members and can be done at this link.