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ABPI interviews transitional government representative at COP-15

The coordinator of the Geographical Indications Commission, Luiz Marinello, is at COP-15 representing ABPI and got an exclusive interview with Braulio Dias, representative of the transitional government at the event. Follow the interview on our social networks.
In the video, Braulio Dias talks about expectations for the event, which are the definition of the new post-2020 global biodiversity framework, with goals for 2030 and four long-term goals for 2050. “We accumulated many proposals during the pandemic and there are many challenges to be resolved. We want good results”, he says.
He considers that the most difficult points for discussions are the expansion of financial resources on the part of developed countries and the DSI – digital genetic sequence information – that are being deposited in large databases x the Nagoya Protocol.
Biologist and professor in the Department of Ecology at the University of Brasília, Braulio Dias is a former executive secretary of the CBD – Convention on Biological Diversity (2012-2017) and of the Ministry of the Environment, under the management of Minister Izabella Teixeira.
COP 15 takes place until December 19th, in Montreal, Canada, and is the stage for discussions on the global conservation of biodiversity and will address several topics that impact Intellectual Property, such as technology transfer, access to genetic heritage, traditional knowledge, biotechnology, patents, digital genetic sequence information (DSI), among others.