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ABPI has just signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with EMERJ (School of Magistrates of the State of Rio de Janeiro), with the purpose of institutional integration between the participants of the two entities. The emphasis will be on legal research and jointly carrying out academic and cultural activities, such as forums, conferences, seminars, workshops, studies, competitions, lectures and the development of extension courses | specialization in Law.

The agreement, signed by the president of ABPI, Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, and by the general director of EMERJ, Judge André Gustavo Corrêa de Andrade, counted on the participation of the counselor Renata Lisboa, Coordinator of CEDUC – ABPI.

Oriented towards the training of judges and the dissemination of legal knowledge, EMERJ was created by Law No. 1,395, on December 8, 1988, within the structure of the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice. The newly appointed magistrates participate in the Initial Training Course; then, of the Improvement courses for the purposes of Vitalization and, afterwards, of the official Improvement Courses for Promotion in the Career, always under the guidance of the National School for Training and Improvement of Magistrates – ENFAM.

For law graduates classified in selection tests, EMERJ offers Specialization Courses in Public and Private Law and in specific areas of Law. There are also extension courses, which aim to promote professional improvement, and Free Courses, on various topics, always online, in addition to the various meetings of the Permanent Forums, free and open to the general public, about different areas of legal knowledge and humanistic themes.

The Agreement strengthens ABPI’s commitment to the dissemination of intellectual property issues.