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The Brazilian economy, the Committee is being announced this Tuesday of inertia by foreign investor26, an economist Zeina Lat. Intellectual property. “We have agendas that are moving forward and what we need is to rescue the entrepreneur,” he said. “Brazil is in a privileged position, because there is no short term, it will benefit, because there is no different breeze, a little outside investor’s look”, an economist in his strategic leadership of Brazil”, with the participation of ABPI, Gabriel Leonardos, the Committee coordinator, Patrícia Gestic, and representatives of companies, including Vale, Braskem, Sanofi, Bosch and Interfarma, among others.

But, still with a positive economic economy, the scenario of economic recovery, and Brazil will still have life with a growing economy and a decline or stagnation of activity. “The interest rate hike will still materialize in the economy, with the possibility of GDP variations,” he said. “We’re not going to have an easy environment this year.” The country was publicized, there were no specialization problems, it was not necessary to resort to Brazil, such as the excess of state intervention, the lack of training of the workforce and the low productivity of the industry “We need to eliminate special protectionist regimes that do nothing to contribute for the country”, he defended. “The industry made a lot of mistakes in its guidelines, very attached to protectionism, but we have to turn this page because it didn’t work”.

The president of ABPI, in turn, recalled requests that, in recent years, the 36,000 patent requests, which, he, “demonstrates our technological gap and is a consequence of the deindustrialization of the country”. For Zeina, however, deindustrialization should not be a justification for more protectionist policies. “We have almost stagnant productivity”, he said.