Newsletter Edition 49 - July 2023


ABPI websites gain accessibility tools

ABPI has partnered with Audima to implement accessibility tools on the Association and the 43rd International Congress websites. The new features enable users to listen to all the websites’ content as they transform the texts into audio. Additionally, the implementation of other tools allows users to increase the font size, adjust letter spacing, change or invert text and page colors, or translate content into Brazilian Sign Language (Libras).

All the features are now available on both websites, and the agreement’s goal is to ensure greater digital inclusion, providing more people with access to the content made available by ABPI through its digital channels.

“Our goal is to promote digital inclusion not only in the Congress but also for ABPI’s website, which provides valuable intellectual property content, benefiting all those engaged in IP,” states Erika Diniz Silla, Executive Director of ABPI. The initiative also aligns with this year’s Congress theme, “IP as a promoter of social equality.”