ABPI defends market interests
and discusses the importance
of Intellectual Property

Acting as a guardian of Intellectual Property, ABPI has always been at the forefront of academic and legal discussions on Intellectual Property.
Due to its credibility and reputation, ABPI has become a reference point and voice in this area. Also, it offers legal certainty in actions with exemption in defending the interests of the market.
The ABPI delivers content and knowledge to the market by encouraging debates and discussions on relevant topics, which has a direct impact on Brazil's innovation and economic development.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Center 

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Center, Mediation and Arbitration on Intellectual Property (CSD-PI) manages the procedures on dispute of alternative solutions, including: domain names, alongside with mediation and arbitration procedures.


ABPI Study Committee 

The ABPI has 14 Permanent Study Committees dedicated to the research of specific topics on Intellectual Property.

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ABPI Magazine 

Credible reference for scholars on Intellectual Property arena. Published bimestrial, the publication brings articles from specialists in Brazil and abroad.

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ABPI Clipping

The ABPI on the Agenda, is a judicious selection of news about Intellectual Property sent out daily to all Associates.

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The 39th International Congress of Intellectual Property (2019) – ABPI, it will be held between August 25th and 27th, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Watch here the highlights of the event focused on “Intellectual Property with in the Context the New Geopolitical World”.