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Founded in 1963, ABPI now is considered a very active IP association with reach throughout Brazil and with strong business and corporate membership. We have presently 700 members. Our corporate committee has around 100 large Brazilian corporations with interest in IP matters.

As member, ABPI will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Your name/firm will be listed in our website as an associate member for the relevant country with recommendation to our Brazilian members to search for your name whenever they need IP work in your jurisdiction.
  • Special member discount in registration fees, not only for our Annual International Congress, but also for the roundtables and luncheons.
  • Being named as a specialist for your jurisdiction with contacts in the event our organization needs inputs from your country.
  • Participating of the various Working Committees, such as:
    • Biotechnology
    • Plant Varieties
    • Industrial Design
    • Competition Law
    • Sports Law
    • International Law of Intellectual Property
    • Copyright and Personality Rights
    • Geographical Indications
    • Trademarks
    • Patents
    • Repression on Infractions
    • Software
    • Computing and Internet
    • Technology Transfer and Franchising.
  • Participating in working groups organized for purposes of analyses of specific topics and to draw up recommendations and opinions. (We also participate through work and contributions to the Brazilian and international authorities).
  • Free access to our website, even the restricted area, where you can find not only news but Intelectual Property content as a result of our Committees meetings, Working Groups, etc

International cooperate

In more than 52 years of activities, the ABPI has acted in such a way as to cooperate with national and international authorities to modernize the laws of intellectual property. Through its members, ABPI participates in international conferences organized by the entities that we represent, effectively collaborating in studies and issues rose by them.


Check the table below which modality best fits your case, remembering that the values ​​to become associated with ABPI are:

  • Individuals up to 30 years old and full time teachers and researchers full time and in an exclusive dedication regime:
    • R$ 630,00 in cash or  in 12 installments of R$ 52.50
  • Individuals over to 30 years:
    • R$ 1.260,00 in cash or  in 12 installments of R$ 105.00
  • Corporate:
    • R$ 2.520,00 in cash or  in 12 installments of R$ 210.00


To become a member of AIPPI and LIDC partner entities, the annual contribution* values ​​are:

  •  AIPPI – Individuals up to 30 years old – SWFR 115
  • AIPPI – Individual over 30SWFR 230
  • AIPPI – CorporateSWFR 230
  • LIDC – Individual or corporateSWFR 90



Payment options

Annual fee Teachers and Researchers full time and in an exclusive dedication regime
Payment options

Annual fee Individual party up to 30 years old (incomplete)

Payment options

Annual fee Individual above 30 years old

Payment options

Annual fee Corporate

Payment options

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The above rates are expressed in Swiss Francs and will be converted into Brazilian Reais according to the official exchange rate on the payment date.

After submitting you will be directed to the payment page according to the option marked above (bank slip or credit card).

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