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The Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI), is a nonprofit entity that disseminates knowledge and discusses the importance of Intellectual Property in Brazil and around the world. Acting as a guardian of Intellectual Property, due to its credibility and reputation, ABPI has always been at the forefront of academic and legal discussions on Intellectual Property.

Founded on August 16th, 1963, ABPI brings together companies, such as research institutes and universities, law firms and industrial property agents from Brazil and abroad. Throughout its 56 years of history, the Association has been delivering content and knowledge to the market by encouraging debates and discussions on relevant topics, which has a direct impact on Brazil’s innovation and economic development.

The ABPI is represented in Brazil as a national group, the AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protecion de la Proprieté Intellectuelle), is the main global entity to consult about and to promote Intellectual Property. It also serves as a partner to LIDC (Liga Internationale Du Droit de la Concurrence) and the Global IP Network, which brings together all the national IP associations from the main world economies.

Among its various activities, ABPI mobilizes working groups to act on specific topics including recommendations and opinions. It acts as amicus curiae to provide scientific and legal subsidies to Magistrates in relevant judicial proceedings important to the community. ABPI, at all times, remains impartial and neutral.

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The XXXVIII International Congress of Intellectual Property – ABPI, took place last year in São Paulo. Watch here the highlights of the event focused on “The relevance of Intellectual Property in an increasingly innovative market”.