Newsletter Edition 41 - November 2022


Wilfrido Fernández named ABPI Honorary Life Member

ABPI’s General Assembly was held on November 22nd, chaired by Council member Valdir Rocha Filho, and elected the Paraguayan lawyer Wilfrido Fernández for the position of Honorary Life Member of the Association.

Founding partner of the Zacarías & Fernández firm, the honoree is one of the oldest ABPI members, having participated in the first congress of our entity, in 1981. A Doctor in Law, with a master’s degree in Law from the University of Georgetown, Fernández is a professor of Intellectual Rights at the University of Asunción, advisor to the Executive and Legislative branches of Paraguay in the Intellectual Property Rights area, and author of books on Comparative Law and Intellectual Property Rights. “We’re not just talking about an ethical, hard-working, and companion colleague, but a high-level jurist”, said ABPI’s president Gabriel Leonardos about the honoree.

The same meeting also elected lawyer Fernanda Magalhães for ABPI Council, replacing the director Gustavo José Ferreira Barbosa, who has retired. Finally, the Assembly also formalized the election of former President Gert Egon Dannemann to the position of Honorary President of the Association. On the occasion, several members present highlighted that Gert (affectionately also known as “Geraldo”) Dannemann had long been the Honorary President in the hearts of all members.