Newsletter Edition 37 - June 2022


Webinar Celebrates LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

To celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, ABPI’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee will hold the webinar “Employability LGBTQIA+ Diversity as Power” on July 7 at 5 p.m. (BRT).

The presentation will be given by Mikkel Mergener, a non-binary trans person, jurist, and consultant in diversity and management for companies and law firms. Founder and CEO of Mikkel Mergener Consultoria & Tutoria (MMCT) and Manager of People & Culture at BBL Advogados.

The presentation will address some basic concepts about the LGBTQIA+ community and, more specifically, about the experience of a trans person in the job market, their difficulties, and how to help diverse people feel more welcomed, making the space around us more inclusive.

To welcome Mikkel, the coordinators of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of ABPI Isabella Cardozo, Joana de Mattos Siqueira, Monique Batista Bastos and Pedro Vilhena will be present at the event.

The event is free, and registration can be made through the ABPI app through the links:


Other Participants: