Newsletter Edition 49 - July 2023


USP team is the grand champion of the 3rd CSD-ABPI Moot

Over the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd, the 3rd CSD-ABPI Moot, the sole Intellectual Property arbitration competition in Brazil, was held. After several rounds of clashes, the grand champion was the team from USP – University of São Paulo. The team is composed of members: Letícia Thiemy Venturini, Ana Laura de Souza Pereira Pacheco, Cassius Janssen Coelho da Silva, Eduarda Salema Raposo, Gabriel Milton Parente Araújo, Isadora Staeheli, Natália Moraes Ferreira Rodrigo Ninomiya Boin, and coaches Antônia Duarte Bevilaqua and Milena Laranjeira Vilas Boas.

The second place went to the team from Andersen Ballão Advocacia, from Curitiba. And the third place to the team representing the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

The 3rd CSD-ABPI Moot also selected the three best speakers of the competition:

1st place – Felipe Tavares de Assis (Team 11 – Pinheiro Neto Advogados);

2nd place – Eduardo Suchodolak (Team 3 – Andersen Ballão Advocacia);

3rd place – Nicole Bagno Jung (Team 4 – Baril & Advogados Associados).

To reach the final score, the arbitrators analyzed points such as organization and preparation; knowledge of facts and law; attitude and professionalism; and responses and persuasion.

“We are very happy and proud of this 3rd Moot. It was a very busy and productive two days. It’s amazing to see these young people so interested in arbitration and Intellectual Property. All teams deserve congratulations for their dedication and for making these two days so special,” says Manoel J. Pereira dos Santos, president of CSD-ABPI.

He highlights the involvement of everyone with the theme – a fictional case that addressed industrial property rights over an invention created by Artificial Intelligence. “This may have been one of the most complex themes of the Moot. A new theme with many different opinions,” he points out.

The CSD-ABPI Moot is organized by ABPI’s Dispute Resolution Center – CSD-ABPI and was conceived following the models of renowned tournaments of its kind, aiming to train law students and recent graduates in the use of arbitration in Intellectual Property. In this edition, there were 27 arbitrators-evaluators, 13 teams, 103 team members (including 23 coaches), 16 clashes, and a grand finale.

Team – From choosing the fictional case to recruiting arbitrators and elaborating the rules, there are many challenges involved in preparing an Intellectual Property arbitration competition. The coordination of this endeavor was carried out by the Organizing Committee, which this year was composed of CSD-ABPI President Manoel J. Pereira dos Santos, Flávia Mansur Murad Schaal, Deputy Director of the Arbitration Chamber, and Nathalia Mazzonetto.

The team responsible for the Elaboration and Planning of the 3rd CSD-ABPI Moot was composed of Fábio Kuperman Franco, Julia Davet Pazos, Pietra Daneluzzi Quinelato, Priscila Sobhie, Thaís Manso and Vinícius Pavan Lessa Silva.

Previous Moots – CSD-ABPI held the 1st Moot in 2021. In the first edition, the event had 14 registered teams representing renowned universities and law firms, totaling 116 members and advisers. The panels simulated an arbitration hearing, focusing on a fictional case created by the Organizing Committee, involving several current and relevant aspects and issues related to trademarks.

In the 2nd Moot, 13 teams registered, totaling 116 members and advisers, and the center of the dispute was a hypothetical conflict involving a Request for the Initiation of an Arbitration Procedure for copyright over a skin developed in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), for use in avatars on a gaming platform.