Newsletter Edition 40 - October 2022


Universities of Juiz de Fora and Londrina win IP Competition

The teams from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) and the State University of Londrina (UEL) were the winners of the I Brazilian National Intellectual Property Competition, held on October 8 in an event promoted by ABPI and LAPI (Academic League of Intellectual Property) from UFRJ. The 2nd Vice President of ABPI, Tatiana Campello, highlighted the importance of the practical nature of the competition. “It is a great opportunity for the student to have practical experience in intellectual property, to share knowledge in a subject that most universities still pay little attention to”, she pointed out.

The UFJF team, called Enkrateia, was made up of Thalissa Alana Mendes, Karine Emanuelle dos Santos Barbosa, Laura Ester Abreu de Paula, Giovanna de Amorim Freitas, Eliza da Silva Sabino, Maria Caroline Carvalho de Oliveira, Lorena Cristina Dutra Cardoso, and Lara Miranda Caloy. The UEL team — IntelectUEL — was formed by Geovana Camargo de Souza, Larissa Sampaio Zanelatto, Isabella Duarte, Jacqueline Fernandes Dias do Carmo Silva, Sabrina Matias Uliana, Maria Júlia Santos Frasson, Julia Fiuza Herek de Lima and Beatriz Romanelli.

The second place went to the team from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) — Gauderiada — which included Gabriela Alves Clementel, Isadora Buzo, Henrique Lisakowski, Yasmin Sabá, and Guilherme Soares.

The EPISTEME team, from FMP/RS – Superior School Foundation of the Public Ministry – took third place. The team was formed by Alícia Madeira Schneider, Georgia Manfroi, Maria Carolina Fachinelli Bertolini, Eduardo Martins Baladão, Gabrielle Landeira Borges Pimentel, and Francisco de Souza Ortolan.

The opening ceremony, held the day before the event, was attended by ABPI’s 2nd Vice President Tatiana Campello, judge André Fontes from the Federal Court of the 2nd Region, Renata Lisboa from the CEDUC-ABPI, Celso Lage, coordinator of the postgraduate course at the BPTO Academy, Thais Fontes from OAB/RJ Mentorship, Kone Cesário from UFRJ and Victor Lima and Débora Vicente from LAPI.

The evaluators of the Competition were Alberto Camelier, Ana Lúcia Borba, Camila Garrote, Luana Barros, Neide Bueno, Pedro Vilhena, Pedro Tavares, and Ricardo Pinho.