Newsletter Edition 41 - November 2022


Two new works on Copyrights on the shelves

The ABPI sectional representative in Bahia, Rodrigo Moraes, has just released, as the organizer, two books on Copyrights. With the lawyer Leonardo Machado Pontes, he coordinated the work “Estudos de Direito Autoral em Homenagem a Hildebrando Pontes” (Copyright Studies in Homage to Hildebrando Pontes) – Publisher Lumen Juris – a compendium of 18 articles written by experts in the subject. The “Propriedade Intelectual no Cinema” (Intellectual Property in Cinema) – Publisher EDUFBA – presents 44 articles by professionals from different fields on national and foreign films that deal with the theme in their plots – is coordinated by Moraes and the lawyer and professor Antonio Carlos Morato, from USP.

The tribute to the renowned Minas Gerais jurist Hildebrando Pontes is due to his solid career in ​​copyright, becoming a reference in the matter throughout Brazil. José Carlos Costa Netto, former president of the Brazilian Association of Copyright Law (ABDA) and current judge of the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJSP), signs the foreword. “The thematic richness of this collection of great experts in the field is undeniable: from the foundations of intellectual creation, the reasons that guide the need to preserve copyright, plagiarism, divisibility of the musical work, legal and jurisprudential issues of copyright in Germany and the United States of America, protection of characters, the evolution of collective management and ‘streaming’ and other highly relevant topics for the dynamic globalized world were addressed with excellence in analytical content and legal technique”.

The work “Propriedade Intelectual no Cinema” aims to debate Copyright and Industrial Property not only in the legal area but also with screenwriters, film directors, musicians, actors, writers, composers, software programmers, editors, phonographic and audiovisual producers, inventors, visual artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, and students. Among selected films are The Words, The Founder, Coco, Big Eyes, The Last Station, ReMastered: The Lion’s Share, and Flash of Genius.

According to Moraes, the idea of ​​the book is to promote the analysis of Intellectual Property not only in the university environment but also in elementary education. “Intellectual Property can no longer be seen as ‘legal perfumery’, as something distant from our lives. On the contrary, it is in what we eat, what we watch, what we wear, and what we read and listen to. It is very present in people’s everyday lives.”

You can buy the work on the  EDUFBA, Amazon, and Estante Virtual websites.