Newsletter Edition 49 - July 2023


Tribute to Gert Egon Dannemann

On July 28th, we lost Gert Egon Dannemann, the Honorary President of ABPI. Gert, founder and president of ABPI, was one of Brazil’s most prominent attorneys in intellectual property, having been a partner at the Dannemann Siemsen law firm. He also served as the president of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janeiro and as the Vice President (worldwide) of LESI – Licensing Executives Society International, and as Executive Director of IDS – Instituto Dannemann Siemsen de Estudos Jurídicos e Técnicos (Dannemann Siemsen Institute of Legal and Technical Studies).

“Gert was an informal mentor to hundreds of professionals, including myself, and a tireless worker for national development, actively involved in many relevant entities in Brazil and abroad. I was fortunate and delighted always to have his example and advice,” recalls Gabriel Leonardos, President of ABPI.

Gert Egon Dannemann participated in a special series of interviews featuring key figures in the history of Intellectual Property in Brazil. You can read the interview in the 8th edition of our newsletter, published in November 2019.