Newsletter Edition 39 - September 2022


Report with Congress numbers confirms the success of the hybrid format

If there were doubts about the feasibility of a hybrid event, ABPI’s 42nd International Congress on Intellectual Property General Report, with the event figures, reinforced that the organizers’ decision hit the nail on the head. The numbers presented at the meeting of the ABPI Executive Committee on September 20th speak for themselves: 755 registered participants  ̶  428 in person and 327 online, and almost a hundred foreigners from 23 countries, such as Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Portugal, and the United States.

The digital presence was also considerable. In the two days of the event, ABPI’s website had 7,791 views, with a highlight on the Plenary “Present and future of BPTO: efficiency and investments” with 256 hits. Most users were from Brazil, followed by the United States and Portugal.

The event was also a hit on social media. On Instagram, the total reach, that is, the number of times the videos and posts were seen, reached 28,186 accesses, while on LinkedIn this number reached the mark of 28,790.