Newsletter Edition 32 - January 2022


Renewed, ABPI Journal celebrates its 30th anniversary

On the eve of celebrating its 30th anniversary of uninterrupted publication, the ABPI Journal is consolidated as one of the primary sources of research and scientific knowledge on Intellectual Property in Brazil. The publication will reach issue number 176 with a new Editor, the lawyer Laetitia d’Hanens who, besides seeking to honor the “excellent work that has been developed by previous administrations”, intends to open space in the publication for sections of notes, commented jurisprudence, and, eventually, interviews. “We have to take advantage of the flexibility allowed by digital communication to add to the Journal the dynamism of other forms of content expression without losing the consistency that characterizes it”, says Laetitia. “Any collaborations on articles dealing with Intellectual Property and/or other topics that have interfaces with this matter are welcome”, she recalled.

With an app accessible by mobile phones, tablets, or computers for its members, ABPI Journal is also available free of charge to members of the Judiciary, the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO), the Federal Attorney General’s Office (AGU), and other public authorities, expanding the scope of the publication, recurrently cited in court decisions. “Throughout its history, ABPI Journal has been the main reference on intellectual property matters. Our work will seek to preserve and guarantee the solidity of content achieved in this trajectory”, says Laetitia.

Are you an Intellectual Property expert writing about relevant topics for the market who wants to participate in the publication? Learn about articles submission guidelines and submit yours to our editors for review. ABPI always gives preference to unpublished material.

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