Newsletter Edition 44 - February 2023


Registration for WIPO-Brazil Summer School on IP and the Climate is open until March 15

Registration for the first semester of the WIPO-Brazil Summer School on Intellectual Property and the Climate: special edition for Lusophone countries is open until March 15th. The course, a partnership between ABPI, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), and the BPTO, will be held virtually from March 20 to 31, 2023, from 9 am to 12 pm (BRT), and cover the intersection of IP, climate, politics, business, plant varieties, and eco-innovation.

Aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, government officials, and young professionals, the course provides participants with an understanding of Intellectual Property as a tool for economic, social, cultural, and technological development and to understand the role WIPO plays in the global administration of IP.

The course is coordinated by Cecilia Häsner, a Ph.D. and Master in Intellectual Property and Innovation (BPTO), expert in Environmental Management (ULB – Belgium), and founding partner of the company PROSPECTIVE Technological and Environmental Innovation. Cecilia has experience using patents as a source of information, supporting research, technological development, and innovation, besides preparing prospective studies.

Students and ABPI members have a registration discount. Professionals from Lusophone African countries are exempt from fees.

Registration starts on the WIPO website and ends on the ABPI app.

Link to Register: