Newsletter Edition 25 - May 2021


Rapporteur of the Finance Committee favors the financial autonomy of the BPTO

Within the scope of the Finance and Taxation Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Federal deputy Luís Miranda (DEM-DF) presented a favorable opinion to Bill 143/2019, which proposes that the resources intended for the BPTO should not be subject to cost containment. For the deputy rapporteur of the matter, the BPTO “besides dealing with a significant portion of funds directly collected, cannot be subject to financial conveniences of the federal government. Brazil’s future imposes independence between said body and the budget fluctuations that are always present in our country”. The financial autonomy of the BPTO is an old banner of ABPI.

In his rapporteurship, the deputy proposes “for the non-financial or budgetary implication of the matter in increasing or decreasing public revenue and expenditure, not being able to pronounce on the financial or budgetary adequacy and, in merit, for the approval of the Complementary Bill nº 143/2019”. The rapporteur’s opinion will also be considered by the Finance and Taxation Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, the Constitution and Justice and Citizenship Committee, and, subsequently, the House Plenary.