Newsletter Edition 10 - January 2020


Prospects for 2020 in Intellectual Property

A year with more autonomy and efficiency of the BPTO, resumption of growth and Madrid Protocol

Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, president of ABPI
“I am in favor of the initiative to change the BPTO’s format, as long as it is possible to improve the system. I do not consider the extinction of the BPTO, but the transformation of its legal nature to be able to hire, invest the money it raises in operational improvements, in short, to have more autonomy to serve the users of the system. But I believe that these are changes that will take a long time to happen, and ABPI will definitely join this discussion”.

Gabriel Leonardos, president of the Special Intellectual Property Committee of the Federal Council of OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) and vice president of ABPI
“The BPTO changes represent a great intention, but we still have to see what will happen. The Brazilian challenge is the efficiency of the BPTO, with the participation of the national business community. There is no point in granting patents quickly and remain a technological dwarf. I am confident in the BPTO project to increase the number of patents for Brazilian companies, which is insignificant, a national shame. Brazil is the only country in the ten largest economies that does not even rank 25th in patents originating in the country”.

Luiz Henrique do Amaral, vice president of the Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propiété Intelectuelle – AIPPI
“Many changes are underway, Brazil is moving and this is positive. It is necessary to continuously seek improvement, innovation, as is happening with the BPTO. No country in the world can do without a strong PTO, and that is what we are heading for. As the president of the BPTO said: this talk of extinction of the institute does not exist”.

Álvaro Loureiro, president of the Brazilian Association of Industrial Property Agents – ABAPI
“The changes at the BPTO are not yet clear and defined. But it will be an additional challenge for the associations and users of the system. We must wait to understand what is coming up”.

José Graça Aranha, regional director of the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO in Brazil
“2020 is a promising year and we have a great chance of moving forward. With the resumption of growth, Brazil will have more patent applications, both from abroad and originated in Brazil, and more trademark applications, with the BPTO effectively fighting against the patent backlog, and the trademark backlog already solved. Now we have to rely on the reforms intended by the federal government to strengthen the BPTO, whether as a federal agency or with another legal nature, but which has more budgetary independence, and more flexibility to hire”.

Paulo Parente, president of LIDC’s Brazilian Group
“My expectations are the best. The idea, as the BPTO president well conveyed, is to develop Brazil solidly, with sustainable economic growth. The environment is conducive to new business so that companies start to invest in what is their biggest intangible asset, intellectual property, either in trademarks, patents or technology transfer contracts”.

André Luis Balloussier, Director of Trademarks at the BPTO
“The current issue is to view the best institutional form that the government will define for the BPTO, but there is no doubt that the institute will not be extinguished. In the case of the Trademark Board, now is the time to consolidate BPTO’s activities concerning the Madrid Protocol, which Brazil joined last June, and to develop our strategic projects. One of them is the relationship with the user, which is very important”.