Newsletter Edition 27 - July 2021


PFE-BPTO gives a favorable opinion to ABPI’s claim on court summons in deposits via the Madrid Protocol

The adoption of a footnote in the Madrid Protocol application filing forms providing for the acceptance of court summons by mail received a favorable Opinion (No. 00015/2021/CGPI/PFE-BPTO/PGF/AGU) from the Specialized Federal Prosecutor Office ( PFE) with the BPTO (Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office), according to Official Letter No. 089/2021/PR/BPTO.

The proposal to change the forms, made by ABPI and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), “according to the information contained in the records, was presented in a webinar organized by the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI) on January 29th, and would consist of adding to the footnote contained in the deposit, subsequent designation and registration of change of ownership forms, a statement signed by the foreign depositor that he would agree to receive any notification, including court summons, through the post offices”.

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