Newsletter ABPI - Edition Special Congress 2023 - Day 2


Patent Protection for Seeds

In Panel 6, the topic “Patent Protection for Seeds” was discussed by Gonzalo Rovira, Director of IP and Licensing for Latin America at Bayer, and Simone Sayuri Tsuneda, Intellectual Property Supervisor at Embrapa, with moderation by Gabriela Salerno.

During his presentation, the Bayer executive emphasized that Intellectual Property is a fundamental pillar for launching innovative and revolutionary technologies. “Today, regenerative agriculture is Bayer’s vision for the future of farming. We aim to produce more with less while restoring more. Legal predictability is also vital for establishing a sustainable investment business environment.”

The Embrapa specialist listed some future challenges for Brazil regarding the topic discussed in the panel, such as balancing innovation incentives vs. protection of genetic resources; gene editing and genetic modification products vs. transgenics; and adherence to the Budapest Treaty, a significant point involving high costs and operational difficulties.