Newsletter 41st Congress Day 1


NFTs – New Horizons of Copyright

Creating an NFT (Non-fungible token) means registering, through blockchain technology, something unique, with exclusive characteristics, such as a work of art, music, digital file, or other real assets that can be traded using cryptocurrencies, explained Guilherme Nigri, the Bit by Bit podcast host. He spoke on the second panel “NFTs – New Horizons of Copyright”, which also included the participation of Felipe Ribbe, the Head of Innovation at Clube Atlético Mineiro, Fábio Szwarcwald, Executive Director of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, and ABPI directors Valdir Rocha and José Eduardo de Vasconcellos Pieri. “The NFT is the registry of the future”, summed up Nigri.

Ribbe, who is the Head of Innovation of Clube Atlético Mineiro detailed the club’s experience with NFTs and blockchain technologies through the creation of t-shirts signed by artists and other unique products. Aiming to create new sources of income and engage fans, Atlético also innovated by becoming the second football club in the world, after PSG, to hold, in May this year, an auction of an NFT artwork. The work recreated in digital form the iconic defense with the foot of goalkeeper Vitor in the quarter-finals of the CONMEBOL Libertadores 2013.

In his presentation, Szwarcwald demonstrated that a new art market is emerging from the creation of unique assets from digital works. “Digital works transactions have gained a global scale creating an innovative market with unprecedented security and speed. The future has already begun”.