Newsletter Edition 28 - September 2021


New Legal Marketing Course

CEDUC — ABPI’s Center for Continuing Education — promotes another course aimed at legal Marketing: “The New Marketing in Light of Provision 205/2021”.

Led by lawyer Lisandra Thomé, this edition of the course will discuss how law firm managers, freelancers, and beginning lawyers can learn legal marketing for firms without violating the OAB’s (Brazilian Bar Association) Code of Ethics.

The course has a workload of two hours and takes place on October 3rd  and 6th. Within the program, Class 1 shall address what is Legal Marketing, why adopt it, legal diplomas governing advertising in law, and general advances.

The second class will address what has changed with the new provision, prohibitions, and opportunities.

Lisandra Thomé is a lawyer, consultant, and professor specializing in legal marketing and strategic management for law firms. Founding partner of Innova Juris, she is also the Coordinator of Professional Development for Lawyers at ESARJ (Superior School of Law of Rio de Janeiro) and a member of the Legal Coaching Committee at OAB-RJ.

The course will be free for ABPI members. But visitors are also welcome upon payment of a fee of R$ 200.00.

Registrations can be made in ABPI App at the links below: