Newsletter Edition 12 - March 2020


New episodes of ABPI Cast

The latest episodes of ABPI Cast brought relevant themes to the world of Intellectual Property.

The newest episode presents the background on the creation of the ANPD – Brazilian Data Protection Authority – ANPD, which should come into force together with the LGPD – General Data Protection Law.

To talk about how it will be structured and what the ANPD will do, the guest is José Antonio Ziebarth, director of the Ministry of Economy, lawyer, and professor. The conversation was mediated by Dirceu Santa Rosa, a lawyer specialized in IP and co-coordinator of ABPI’s Software, Computer and Internet Studies Committee.

The importance of the ANPD, how the agency’s policies will be implemented, what are the critical points, the direct impacts of this regulation on the Brazilian productive sector, etc. were among the various issues addressed. He also took the opportunity to answer questions sent by ABPI members.

In the conversation, Ziebarth recalled that there is work being done so that the ANPD does not only have a technical criterion, but also a vision of the area of ​​management, computer science, and engineering. “It is the type of demand that needs multiple perspectives”. He also pointed out that there is a dialogue with several sectors with direct relevance in activities that involve data collection, treatment, and use. “Data Protection is a new culture in Brazil, and this new regime will require profound changes in processes and operations, whether in public administration or the private sector”.

Copyright – To deal with the theme of copyright, ABPI brought together lawyer Gustavo Martins de Almeida, professor, Master and Ph.D. in law from UGF (Gama Filho University) and specialist in copyright; and engineer Jorge Ávila, former president of the BPTO and coordinator of ABPI’s Corporate Members Committee. The two debated on artistic production, creation as an expression of feelings, the artist’s work as a profession and the rights to protect these works, whether books, music, films or paintings.

The work of art, the creative chain that revolves around it and the advent of new technologies are the challenges of specialists to protect authors and rights holders.

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