Newsletter Edition 28 - September 2021


New ABPI board elected for the 2022/2023 biennium

In the virtual meeting of its Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) held on September 21st, ABPI – the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association – unanimously elected the members of the Executive Board for the 2022/2023 biennium: the slate headed by president Gabriel Francisco Leonardos.

The new board that takes office in January will be:

The same AGO, in a secretariat chaired by the current ABPI secretary, Valdir Rocha, also confirmed the members of the entity’s Council and Regional Representatives, approved the accounts for the year 2020 audited by an independent consulting firm, and elected four new ABPI Honorary Life Members:

The current president of ABPI, Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, praised the elected officials. “The choices were accurate and well-deserved, and only add more value to ABPI”, he said.

Leonardos, in turn, in a brief statement, made special thanks to those he considers his three “professional godparents”: Carlos Henrique Froes, now deceased, Gert Dannemann, and Peter Dirk Siemsen. The future president highlighted the gender parity nature of the elected board. “We will have an intense challenge to further develop diversity within the Association”, he added.