Newsletter Special Edition - 40th ABPI Congress - Day 4


Networking – ABPI creates Group for Interaction

ABPI’s 40th International Congress may be over, but the experience of online integration and the exchange of tips, ideas, and discussions was so good that ABPI decided not to stop here and created a group on LinkedIn to welcome everyone who wants to participate.

“Our online networking strategy throughout the Congress was very well received by the participants, so much so that we decided to open this group to remain connected”, says Erika Diniz, Executive Director of ABPI.

She also recalls that the Networking area created on the Congress’ website will remain open to anyone who wants to contact the participants. “It is a tool that is super simple to use and, at the same time, very valuable”, she notes.

Haven’t joined ABPI’s social network yet? Don’t waste your time, log in, and access here.

Click here to connect with the LinkedIn Group.