Newsletter Edition 29 - October 2021


Mediation Day will address a real copyright case

On November 23rd, the Mediation Chamber of ABPI’s Dispute Resolution Center (CSD-ABPI) will promote the first Mediation Day — a virtual meeting that will simulate the negotiation of a real copyright case in the entertainment universe, involving successors, partners, and heirs. Mediation Day is for lawyers and other professionals in the day-to-day conflict resolution, students from all areas, and others interested in developing negotiation skills in mediation. Prior knowledge of conflicts is not necessary, but notions of copyright are recommended. The event takes place from 5pm to 8pm.

At the meeting, some participants will assume defined positions in the negotiation, with the attendance of a mediator and lawyers for the parties. The idea is to work with negotiation, communication, and exchange facilitation skills to build consensus. Experts in the matter, lawyers Claudio Lins de Vasconcelos, Domingos Refinetti, and Marcello do Nascimento were invited to attend the event. Upon registration, a case study and content will be made available for reading as a preliminary preparation.

ABPI members pay R$ 50.00.
For other participants, registration costs R$ 100.00.
Undergraduate students pay only R$25.00.
Students who want to attend must send an e-mail to

Access the links below to register.
Link for members:

Link for other participants: