Newsletter Edition 43 - January 2023


Lots of activity in CSD-ABPI

The year 2022 was very positive for the CSD-ABPI – ABPI’s Center for Dispute Resolution, Mediation, and Arbitration in Intellectual Property – and this year promises to be filled with many activities.

According to Manoel J. Pereira dos Santos, President of CSD-ABPI, the expectation is high for 2023, and the center has some strategies to continue fulfilling its main goal, which is the control and management of alternative dispute solution procedures, including those relating to internet domain names, alongside mediation and arbitration procedures. The center’s planning must again include several events and webinars bringing discussions about mediation, arbitration, and resolution of domain name disputes. “Among the several topics we will have this year, one is already defined: “Domain disputes registered by dealers, distributors, and agents”, to address the Oki Data case and its reflexes in SACI-ADM. “We will also have an international workshop open to the public,” explains the President. “In the face of ABPI statutory changes, we are also working on a Digital Law Dispute Resolution Chamber implementation,” he anticipates.

The goal is to make 2023 as profitable as last year. “In 2022, for example, the Domain Names Chamber (CASD-ND) received 68 cases, 36% more than in 2021, which causes CASD-ND to be one of the most resolutive on the market,” he says. He also recalls that the CSD-ABPI Mediation and Arbitration Chambers held a series of online events that brought together several experts in their fields and an attentive and enthusiastic audience.

 Held last year, the second edition of Moot, the arbitration competition focused on intellectual property that has been gathering strength and gaining more competitors among universities and offices. “The schedule of the 3rd CSD-ABPI Moot is already on the air. The event will take place in July 2023 and promises to replicate the success of previous editions,” he concludes.